We are here to relieve your pain, technically. Choosing us is your safest bet.

Why choose Us.

  • When you come to us with a problem to solve, we listen. We will consider all possible solutions before choosing the one that is the most straightforward, the least invasive, and fits the best in your technology stack.
  • We care about our customers immensely and we take great pride in our work.
  • Our founder is a seasoned programmer and has been developing software in DC, Maryland, and Virginia since 2002.
  • Because we have defined clear career paths for our employees, our employees are happy to do the job.

Our Mission.

  • To create a company with soul and morals; always focusing on doing the right thing instead of what brings in the highest profit.
  • To create a company that empowers its employees; providing them with well-defined career paths instead of just empty/vague promises.
  • Happy Employees = Projects Well Done = Satisfied Clients

Our Story.

Biran Zhang has been in government consulting for 18 years. He has developed software for many government agencies (USDA, USPS, CPSC, Quantico, Pentagon, NGA, SEC, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Department of State, and DIA). After being in the business for so many years, he started to realize that it didn't matter what company he had worked for, they were all the "same". He was just a number, and there was no job security nor clear professional development. His professional satisfaction solely came from the projects he worked on, not the companies he worked for. At last, TooBZ LLC was formed in September 2018. It is striving to be the company that puts its employees first.