We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological innovation, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the landscape of digital transformation. Our commitment to excellence is evident in a diverse array of projects that showcase our expertise and proficiency.

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Government Process Modernization

Develop SCIF Workflow Accreditation Record Management (SWARM) to replace outdated paper workflows. With automated data validations, it ensures accuracy without the need for manual interventions (Defense Intelligence Agency).

Virtualize the Foreign Service Officer Case Management Exam by leveraging Cloud and AI technologies to secure exam materials, foster inclusivity, and safeguard exam integrity (U.S. Department of State).

Upgrade the Advanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment (AGILE) to version 2.0 on the AWS Cloud, benefiting over 20,000 users (Defense Intelligence Agency).

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Technical Sustainment and Enhancement

Develop a suite of Enterprise Search applications for Diplomatic Security, enhancing search capabilities with advanced analytics (U.S. Department of State).

Lead technical support services for the Communication Station Automation System (CSAS), a critical suite aiding Coast Guard missions in safety, environmental protection, law enforcement, and national security (U.S. Coast Guard).

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Application Development

Develop 5 mobile applications, 2 of which secured top ranks on the App Store. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the 4.0+ app store ratings across the board (Fusible LLC).

Develop a self-scheduling application for the local urgent care, facilitating seamless flexible appointment scheduling on all devices without the need for downloading nor signing in (Agile Providers).

Assist in streamlining the development effort of the SaaS application TrackHubs. Migrate TrackHubs from On-prem to Azure Cloud (Sterile Services Co.).


Develop new customized software applications.


Enhance and modernize existing software applications.


Implement cloud solutions for new and existing software applications.


Implement Commercial Off-the-Shelf software applications.


Provide architectural design to help with achieving the modernization of your technology stack.


Provide technical support services for the sustainment and development of existing software applications.